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Sign up for a one-to-one webinar, whether you're a Vecta customer or you are new to Vecta and interested in finding out how this CRM & Analytics software can help your business to make sales growth a daily occurrence.

Find out how Vecta delivers powerful sales intelligence across almost every department within your business:

  • Directors & Managers - Driving company objectives & tracking sales and team performance.
  • Managers & Power Users - To help identify low margin or low spend customers.
  • Sales Teams - Actioning sales opportunities using Alert results.
  • Telesales - A guide to effective call planning and recording.
  • Marketing Managers - Focused campaign activity and measurement.



The Vecta Webinars are a great way of staying in touch with best practices and demonstrating the true capability of Vecta as a sales CRM tool. They show Vecta's ease of use in managing and driving sales performance in a quick and relevant platform that fits in well with all the demands on a sales managers time.

Neil Garrett
Sales Manager
Golden Coast Ltd

I was very impressed with the format of the Vecta training and the way it was delivered via the web.

Bruce Simpson
Sales and Purchasing Manager
Tachodisc Ltd