Seeing is Believing...

Vecta Web Demonstration

Apply now for a personalised Web Demonstration and we will show you how Vecta Sales Intelligence & CRM can help your sales team boost their performance.

You'll find out how to identify where additional sales opportunities lie, areas of low profitability, strategies to increase performance, which customers and products to focus on and understand how 'selling smartly' can enable you to outperform your competitors.

What you will learn

  • How Vecta automatically highlights selling opportunities to increase lines per order.
  • Alerts that quickly prompt teams of gaps in spend to grow share of customer
  • Immediate identification of spend drift and trends to aid customer retention and growth
  • Allows you to fine tune your Sales strategy - who to approach, and when to approach them. Conversations to have, additional products and lines they could be buying from you. Target higher margin products...

       ... all without a spread sheet in sight!

To speak to a Vecta Representative, please call 0114 262 2020.

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With Vecta, we've seen as much as a 50 to 60% increase in sales of every product we targeted. Our sales executives actually have a reason for every call.

Alan Underwood
Weldspares OKI

The Sales Intelligence we get out of Vecta ensures that the sales team is highly focused and has all the information it needs in order to sell more effectively.

Ian Fraser
CMS Computers Ltd