News Release - JAN 2014

EH Smith Builds Sales Success with VECTA.

Using VECTA's unique integrated Sales Intelligence & CRM solution, EH Smith have increased sales performance and productivity, delivered measurable cost-savings and increased purchasing power.

Established from a single location in Birmingham in 1922, EH Smith are one of the largest independent builders and timber merchants in the UK, trading from 8 locations throughout the Midlands and South East.

With a workforce of 350, and specialists in heavy-side building materials, EH Smith has more recently explored additional and diverse markets, now stocking an extensive range and variety of building supplies.

The Challenge

One of the key requirements outlined by EH Smith, was enabling self sufficiency at Branch Manager and Depot Sales levels. The ability for each manager or sales person to hold independent and tailored streams of information and analytics, from product, branch or customer spend patterns through to rebate and performance management, was identified as essential to empower the team to optimise opportunities. With complex data the ability to customise and drill-down to the required information, quickly and crucially without IT or Finance resource was vital.

Fran Smallman Commercial Manager at EH Smith said: “Before VECTA we were less efficient in the sharing of information and the team, particularly people out in the field, spent too much time producing and analysing sales data. Now we spend that time taking action, based on the information delivered to us.”

"Using VECTA has resulted in significant time and cost savings for our business. Delivering the quality and volume of information, essential in supporting key management, sales and purchasing decisions would be unachievable without it."

Valuable Cost Savings for EH Smith

EH Smith adopted VECTA to strengthen and drive their strategic objectives of sales growth and improved operational efficiency. Fran continues "Using a range of cleverly executed VECTA dashboards and automated alerts, our team immediately recognise gaps in spend, link-sell opportunities and potential difficulties relating to lost or drifting customers. Generating detailed information on opportunities and drilling to view any aspect of results has proven to be extremely simple and powerful for every area of the business. VECTA streamlines our sales process and helps overcome barriers to business growth.

Previously many hours were spent analysing and producing management reports. I am now able to now deliver in excess of 85 detailed and customised reports in an hour, representing huge time and cost savings over and above VECTA’s traditional sales and operational management benefits."

Better Use of Time

"For our branch managers and sales team the dashboards and simplicity of expanding results view, is proving invaluable. Productivity has vastly improved and the team have a single source view of the key details they need to manage customers and meet targets. VECTA successfully delivers our objective of controlled self sufficiency and a really well informed team, as well as saving management time."

  • we access crucial and complex information very quickly without the need for users to be experts in data analysis.
  • Branch Managers can get straight to information vital for making effective decisions without the need to spend hours in the office analysing spread sheets and reports to collate information.
  • the speed and accuracy of the information VECTA provides to the team enables them to concentrate all of their effort on improving performance.
  • VECTA makes every member of the team self sufficient with all the sales information they need at their fingertips.

VECTA isn’t limited to the Sales Team

EH Smith have also discovered that VECTA can be a significantly useful tool for the Purchasing Team. Using the same technology, VECTA gives EH Smith a wealth of factual purchasing knowledge allowing them to manage their supplier relationships, spend and rebate analysis easily.

"As the team are constantly equipped with the full facts, we are able to save an enormous amount of time resulting in more efficient selling, monitoring and purchasing. Suppliers prefer to sell in larger volumes, larger volumes result in better pricing and our customers benefit, so it's a win, win situation all round."

Could VECTA have the same impact on your business?
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